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At AG Aviation, we want to have the right candidates in the company pool, increase the number of potential candidates and recruit the right people through appropriate assessment.

Candidates selected from the pool are invited for an interview. After the preliminary interview conducted by Human Resources, foreign language test, numerical and verbal skills tests and personality questionnaire are applied. After this stage, candidates are invited to a second meeting with Human Resources and related department manager to inquire about shared values ​​and competencies.

After the interview process, the candidates participate in the Evaluation Center. As AG Aviation, we prefer to use the Evaluation Center because it offers the possibility to use many different methods (group and / or individual exercises depending on the position) together and observe the required competences in detail. Candidates who are found to be positive at the end of the evaluation center application are invited for an interview with senior executives.

When these stages are completed, eligible candidates are informed about the salary and benefits of the position they received. Recruitment and orientation process is initiated upon mutual agreement.


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